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Extract data from 500+ data sources

Connect and manage all your marketing data sources in one platform, both in the cloud or on-premise.

Load data to any data warehouse

Connect multiple data sources and analyze them as if they were a single database.

Combine, map, and normalize data to produce a comprehensive data set surrounding your marketing activities.

Transform your data without SQL skills

Analyze data in

You can use it directly with your favorite business intelligence tools, ingest it to econometric models and populate the enterprise data warehouse

Combine data from multiple sources

Over 500+ data sources empower your marketing team to use their favorite tools to map data, build and visualize custom reports and more.

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Connected to the leading data warehouse solutions

Load data into your warehouse of choice within minutes.

Integration Benefits

‍Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based package for combining data from various sources into a single set. These data sets are used to create shareable files and dashboards, as well as data visualization applications, measurements, and interpretations. Power BI Desktop (a desktop application), Power BI Service (SaaS, or Software as a Service), and Power BI Mobile (for iOS and Android devices) are the three variants of the Power BI platform offered by Microsoft. Power BI also can be installed on-premises or in the private cloud.

Machine learning features are built into Power BI, allowing you to spot patterns in data, use those patterns to make educated decisions, and run "what if" scenarios. Users will use these predictions to make forecasts about the future. You can make presentations and dashboards to reflect your datasets; these can use as little or as many visualizations as you want. Excel, SQL databases, Oracle, Azure, Facebook, Salesforce, and MailChimp are only a few of the data sources available in Power BI. Users can link to these data sources with ease and generate databases by importing data from one or more providers. All in all, Improvado allows you to work with data from more than 180 connectors.

  • Make better choices based on actual data. Thanks to Improvado, businesses can gather, analyze, and visualize data, giving them a better understanding of their processes and results.
  • Work with the data collectively in real-time. Analysts can send notes and visualizations to the Power BI service instead of emailing or placing them on a shared disc. Their data is refreshed once the underlying dataset is modified.
  • Have a clear picture of where you are standing. With Improvado, you can configure navigation to locate information easily and recognize the relationships between various reports and dashboards using a Power BI’s "app navigation experiences" tool.
  • Automatically update Power BI dashboards.
  • Sync hard-to-extract data sources, like Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Sizmek and so on.
  • Custom integrations? No problem.
  • Extract data via API, FTP, S3, CSV Uploads, Google Spreadsheets or email.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager included.

How Power BI Works

Power BI is a business analytics solution from Microsoft that allows you to visualize your data and create analytics apps. The platform was designed to extend data access to everyone across an entire organization, without needing coding or IT experience. With Power BI, you can connect to a variety of data sources and create dashboards that showcase data updates in real-time. Power BI also has exceptional visualization tools that allow you to create custom graphs, reports and charts in minutes.

Power BI Data Sources
Access data from a variety of sources.

Power BI Dashboard
Build dashboards that showcase your data in real-time.

Power BI Visualizations
Create custom visualizations using graphs and charts.

Speed Up Your Decision Making With Improvado

With Improvado, you can easily connect your marketing and advertising campaign data to the Power BI platform. There’s no need to manually transfer data or create your own connector tools that require IT support.

  • Sync your data in real-time from 500+ marketing platforms and see spend data, performance data, sales data and ROI in Power BI.
  • Upload analysis-ready data directly to your data warehouse's ETL;
  • Easily spot red flags and optimization opportunities on the fly, every day;
  • Our support team is always available to help you along the way. We also have helpful tutorials and templates to assist you.

Let’s chat about how to automate your Power BI data with Improvado.

Automate cross-channel data normalization

Every platform uses different words to describe its metrics. What one platform calls “impressions” another calls “imps” and another calls “views.” This is a major hassle for marketers who want to combine and analyze the data they’ve gathered from multiple platforms. Instead of diving into analytics, they waste 90% of their time just preparing the data for analysis, resulting in hours of productive time lost.

With Improvado, you get analysis-ready data with unified naming across all platforms. You always have access to the raw data and unified reports should you need them. This flexibility allows you to get answers faster and uncover more valuable insights.

Available Metrics & Dimensions

You can explore an extensive overview of the full list of all common report types by providers in Improvado Data Dictionary

This list includes such fields as metrics, properties, dimensions, etc.

Talk to our experts to get more details on it.

Take your marketing reporting to new heights
SOC 2 Type II

Auditing procedure that ensures secure management of data.


Complies with Health Insurance Portability
and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Improvado is GDPR compliant.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Certified

Improvado is CCPA compliant.

Complies with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Get analysis-ready data for marketing analytics

Get all your data in one place instantly

Centralize all your marketing data in one place

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You can analyze data from 500+ data sources

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A great customer service that always tries to be helpful with a "how can we make it" approach. They understand your needs, provide all relevant solutions to successfully implement them, and make your job done.

Ahmet Sergen D
Ahmet Sergen D
Regional Digital Manager
Ahmet Sergen D
Regional Digital Manager

A great customer service that always tries to be helpful with a "how can we make it" approach. They understand your needs, provides all relevant solutions to successfully implement them, and make your job done.

If you consider hiring Improvado, you are also a hiring team that supports you to achieve your goals to become a more data-driven company.

Improvado is helping us to aggregate our paid marketing data from multiple channels and present it in a meaningful way. We are more efficient with reporting our campaign results and have better ideas about what's going on easily.

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Professional, responsive and willing to go the extra mile to help. They are a solution to connect to most advertising platforms and provide a multitude of metrics from these platforms

They are willing to go the extra mile to attend to your query and help to the best they can.

Helping to connect to various advertising platform such as Google Ads, Facebook, DV360, Trade Desk.

They are a solution to connect to most advertising platform and provide a multitude of metrics from these platforms

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