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Our journey began when our CEO, Daniel, launched a Trading Desk / DSP with the goal of simplifying programmatic Ad buying for brand marketers and digital advertising industry executives. As we focused on SMBs and small to mid-sized agencies, something interesting happened along the way when we met with potential customers...

After speaking to over 100 digital media agencies and businesses, our team picked up on a major pain point: reporting and monitoring digital ad campaigns is a huge hassle and manual task. We knew we came across a major opportunity, and we had to act on it quickly.

Since inception, we have worked rigorously to develop the only marketer-focused Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and visualization platform, with the singular purpose of helping organizations optimize their marketing programs. The average marketer leverages 10 technologies, and the need to house all data in a central repository is a necessity to demonstrate marketing performance.

With Improvado, marketers are no longer at the mercy of non-scalable manual processes. Costly and valuable developer resources are now freed from having to create interfaces, host and maintain databases, normalize data, and visualize reports. Improvado provides a flexible and scalable solution that allows marketers to aggregate all their data and make sense of it all it in minutes!

Improvado helps marketing teams find answers in data, effortlessly.

Marketing reporting and campaign monitoring are largely manual routines and a huge hassle. On average, marketing teams:

· leverage up to 92 marketing platforms and tools, daily
· spend 20-40% of their time reporting on efforts
· handle endless data exports and spreadsheets
· struggle normalizing data and routing it to
· believe that the increasing data complexity is a major blocker to applying and activating marketing data
· attribute revenue to touchpoints across customer journeys.

Liberating marketing teams from data hassles provides them with more resources and dedication to manage campaigns, allocate budgets, make informed decisions, and achieve business success at scale.

Improvado is an advanced marketing analytics solution for data-driven marketing teams operating in large enterprises and businesses with a global presence.

We help businesses navigate to their goals, reliably and continuously. Our enterprise-grade platform automates marketing data pipelines—connects any data sources, ensures supreme data quality and accessibility, centralizes data and streams precise metrics to custom dashboards, enhances decision-making, connects all dots between marketing, sales, and financial data, and recreates customer journeys.

Improvado goes from vendor to partner—we provide you with a platform, tailor it to your requirements, activate informed decision-making, and go anywhere beyond with our savvy Professional Services team.

You're just a few clicks away from the shortest path to advanced marketing analytics—talk to one of our experts to start the journey.

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Our leadership team

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Daniel Kravtson

CEO and Co-Founder

Anamika Sethi

Sales and Co-Founder



Ali Quigley

Sales, Marketing

Karim Hafez

VP of Sales



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Our leadership team

Years of experience building products for business-to-business software companies

Daniel Kravtsov

CEO & Founder

Anamika Sethi


Ali Quigley


Aleksandra Kravtcova

Legal & Finance

Dmitry Nasikanov


Roma Vinogradov

Head of Product

Maxim Yezhak

Tech lead QA

Iliah Nazarov

Chief Architect


Chief Cutie Officer


Director of General Mischief

Keisuke Honda

Football player

Lawrence Fu

Client Services

Keisuke Honda

Football player
Our investors

Venture-backed by some of the
biggest names in the marketing world

Auren Hoffman

CEO & Founder at SafeGraph
ex-CEO & Co-founder at LiveRamp

Paul Martino

Founder & Managing Partner at Bullpen

Omar Tawakol

CEO & Founder at Voicera
ex-SVP at Oracle, CEO at Blue Kai

Jonah Goodhart

SVP at Oracle Data Cloud
CEO & Co-Founder of Moat

Rajeev Goel

CEO & Co-Founder PubMatic

Toby Gabriner

CEO at AdRoll

Kim Perell

CEO at Amobee
CEO at Turn

Jeff Epstein

Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, Former CFO Oracle, CFO DoubleClick

Kyle Hendrick

Founder & General Partner
at Arab Angel Fund

Peter Kellner

Chairman & CEO of
Richmond Global Compass

Rick Erwin

Chief Executive Officer, ALC
Board of Directors, IAB

Ethan Beard

Pocket Universe¨ LLC
Angel investor, former exec at Facebook and Google

Charlie Songhurst

Founder Katana Capital

Russ Fradin

CEO & Co-Founder
of Dynamic Signal

Bill Demas

CEO at Conviva

David Popowitz

Fund Advisor at SignalFire,
SVP GoDaddy

David Yaffe

Chief Operating Officer
at LiveRamp, An Acxiom

Ariel Lebowits

Head of M&A at OLX Group

Keisuke Honda

Football player

Joe Zawadzki

CEO & Co-founder MediaMath

Alex Hartigan

Venture Capital Investor
The Asia Foundation

Nikhil Dixit

VP at LiveRamp
Co-founder at Arbor

Ken Denman

Venture Partner at Sway Ventures

Mohammad Almojel

Board member and Head of Investment at Almojel Company

Anneka Gupta

Co-CEO at LiveRamp

Mark Goffman

Executive Producer/Director

MR Rangaswami

Managing Director
at Sand Hill Group

Nadim Hossain

Founder & Exec Chairman at

Kotaro Tamura

Founder & Exec Chairman at

Matias de Tezanos

Founder, CEO at PeopleFund Inc.

Johann Schleier-Smith

Entrepreneur "if(we)"

Arup Banerjee

CEO & Co-founder at Windfall

Patrick McKenna

Founder, HighRidge
Venture Partners

Jose Vargas

Co-Founder at PeopleFund Inc.

Jose Vargas

Founder and CEO at iguama
Co-Founder at PeopleFund Inc.

Josh Levy

Co-Founder & CEO
at BeenVerified Inc.

Peter Kazanjy

Co-Founder Atrium HQ

Saran Chari

CTO Coach, Co-Founder
Rotten Tomatoes

Bradford Oberwager

Founder & CEO at Jyve

Mark Jacobstein

Chief User Engagement Officer
at Guardant Health

Scott Faber

NFX Guild - Venture Capital

Boris Silver

Co-Founder and President
at FundersClub

Bryan Morris

CFO Liveramp

John Pfeffer

Pfeffer Capital LP

Dave Fall

CEO at Brand Networks

Mike Raitsyn

Snowfox Technologies

Armand Hershowitz

Global Sales Ops at Google

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